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2019 Mother's Day Offering


Dear Friend,


My sister, Jane, always said she wished she could have been our Mom’s mother, even for a little while.  Now, that doesn’t mean that our grandmother wasn’t a good mother.  Her plate was just full with four daughters, working full-time, teaching piano, and the loss of her husband when their youngest was only 11.  It was a lot - and our grandmother worked hard to make it work.


Jane’s wish has uniquely come true, but not in the way we planned.  You see, Jane is an excellent wife and mother with three amazing kids who are all fun, well-rounded, musical, creative, and curious and, might I add, one really grateful husband!  But her motherly role has expanded to something we have all heard before.  Sometimes, the child becomes the parent - and Jane has.


Our Mom lives in Wilmington in an assisted living dementia care community.  Jane carries most of the load for her care.  Sure, she has an “advisory board” made up of her three brothers who are unbelievably grateful, but we all know who is really doing the heavy lifting.  You know, kind of like…a mom.  She is her advocate, cheerleader, steward, communicator, helper, guide, coach, even hairdresser at times, and this list goes on and on.


I share all of this because no matter how old we are, we can all benefit from having a “mom.”  So, this Mother’s Day at Penick Village is dedicated to all those people who have stepped into that “mom” role for someone who needed it.  Whether a younger sibling, neighborhood kid, friend, niece, or your own parent – we want you to know that you make a difference.


Over the past 55 years, Penick Village has committed to making sure we live “mom-type” values, especially for our residents who have found themselves in financial need through no fault of their own.  This year alone our goal is to provide approximately $1.6 million of financial assistance in all levels of living and care at Penick Village.  You and others have been, and continue to be, the essential and generous strength for the Penick Village mission, and it makes a mom-like difference.  Thank you.


Please join my wife, Severine, and me in making a gift to the Penick Village Foundation to help honor all those who have been moms not just to their children, but to all those who needed a mom’s love.  And Jane - on behalf of John, James, and me - thanks for being Mom’s mom for all of us, but especially for her.



Jeffrey I. Hutchins

Chief Executive Officer



The Penick Village Foundation Honor Walk and Garden was developed to provide a way to honor one another while strengthening our future.  Please consider purchasing a brick in this beautiful destination adjacent to the Village House dining area to honor someone you love, someone you respect, or someone you want to always be remembered.

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