High-quality health services. Here when you need them.

Penick Village wants you to enjoy your independent lifestyle and participate in all of the things that make your day great. If anything changes and you need a helping hand, we are fully ready to provide you with a full continuum of long-term care.

We are a single site retirement community offering all levels of care right here on our campus. Once you are here, you are family and will be free of any disruptive move off site. We are proud of our innovations in care. Our founding principles of creating a loving community remain the same today as they did 55 years ago when we opened our doors.

We invite you to learn more about our health services and see how our caring staff and innovative approach make all the difference. Contact us using the form below, or contact our Admissions Coordinator, at (910) 692-0348 or via email at smcintosh@penickvillage1964.org