Happy Mother’s Day!

A note from Chief Development Officer, Caroline Eddy…

Mother’s Day at Penick Village always reminds me of my two very special grandmothers, both of whom lived and thrived here because of the unconditional love shared amongst Penick Village. From staff to residents to neighbors to community, the maternal spirit pervades our entire culture!

I believe my grandmothers, and many other residents, lived more years than expected because of our nurturing atmosphere. However, the gift of a lengthened life can present a new challenge – outliving financial resources.

Since the very beginning in 1964, founder Bishop Penick’s vision was to ensure no resident would be asked to leave due to unforeseen financial circumstances. Amongst those who’ve benefited from the Benevolent Assistance Program are beloved mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and godmothers who spent their lives nurturing future generations. To date, we’ve been able to fulfill this dream year after year, thanks to the support of so many of you and others who came before.

I feel so fortunate that both my grandmothers and countless others were part of the Penick Village family. Moreover, that I could be confident they’d always be cared for, no matter what. This Mother’s Day is a beautiful opportunity to make a gift in memory or honor of someone special, someone who symbolizes the maternal spirit. Join us in making a gift to support one of our fundamental missions: that every resident remain part of this community, no matter what.

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The Penick Village Foundation Honor Walk and Garden was developed to provide a way to honor one another while strengthening our future. Please consider purchasing a brick in this beautiful destination adjacent to the Village House dining area to honor someone you love, someone you respect, or someone you want to always be remembered.

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