A hidden gem tucked into the pines of the Sandhills

Location Location Location

We are located within walking distance of historic Southern Pines and we couldn’t be happier about that. That means you have dining, shopping, and entertainment very close by. If you want to walk downtown for lunch, go right ahead. For more information on things to see in Southern Pines visit our What’s nearby page.

Over 5 Decades

We have been in operation for over 50 years! We like to think that we have picked up a thing or two during that time. Learn more about our history.

Stand Alone

We are one of very few communities that are not a part of a larger organization that manages day to day operations. How can a group that is not part of the community and often not even in the same state know what its residents want? We can make changes to how we do things easily without corporate approval, and do so often, thanks to input from our residents. It really is like how a family works, which brings us to our next point.

We are family!

We apologize for getting Sister Sledge’s hit single stuck in your head, but when you choose to move to Penick Village you become part of our family and we become part of yours as well.

We care about you and the next step of your journey.

We aren’t saying that other communities don’t care because they do. We are just unique in how we do it. And while we want you to be the next member of our family, we understand that another community may be a better fit. It is our mission to help you on that journey, no matter whether it leads you here or to another qualified (albeit less fun) community!