Eric & Linda Christenson

“No one could match what Penick offers”

“Although my wife and I loved living in our Arlington, VA house of 47 years and were ‘not ready yet’ to move to a retirement community, we decided that it would be smart to move a little too soon rather than a little too late so that we could be ready for the next chapter of our lives.

Urged by our daughter, who lives in Seven Lakes, to move closer to her, we looked at about ten communities in the Raleigh and Southern Pines areas. None of them could match what Penick offers – a lovely new apartment at a fair price with reasonable fees, very good food at very good prices, and a not-for-profit mission for the benefit of the residents rather than the owner.

What really pleased us was the flexibility and willingness of the staff to work with us as we figured out a way to reserve the apartment we selected and to make a few changes. We are very impressed with all the staff. Everyone from housekeeping to wait staff to the CEO is obviously is happy to work at Penick, and their upbeat mood radiates and sets the tone for a good life at Penick.

Our ‘smart’ decision to move for practical reasons has turned out to be smart for emotional reasons. We have been warmly welcomed by everyone. Clearly, Penick is a happy place in which to live, and we are happy to be here.”


Mike & Gail Cummins

“Feels like family”

“Everyone has been extremely welcoming and friendly. We were made to feel like family members immediately. Every dinner hour is like a party. Gail has found several opportunities to do volunteer work and I have helped to organize a golf group. There are bridge groups, exercise groups, planned outings, educational programs, and movies in the neatest little theater you’ll ever see. The residents and staff are universally warm and friendly. We think that Penick Village is the perfect choice for us.“


Jack & Dodie Lynn

“It was important for us to maintain our independence”

“We were seeking a CCRC close enough to our children in the triangle area, but far enough away to maintain our independence… Lots of our friends and family have asked if we miss our lovely 4 bedroom home and activities in Seven Lakes and our response is ‘not at all.’

“We feel very secure here and know that our children are comfortable with our current situation and future.”